Services for Individuals

At Raffa Wealth Management, we work with families and individual investors — developing long-term investment goals and portfolio strategies to meet their unique financial objectives. Three central tenets guide us in managing every client portfolio:  1) Take risks worth taking.  2)  Every dollar counts.  3)  Increase the chances of success.

We use a sophisticated modeling program to help determine the asset allocation that provides the greatest probability of achieving a desired outcome.  The advantage of this to you is that we can more precisely identify the level of risk that you need, or more importantly that you don’t need, to take. By taking no more risk than is necessary you can increase the likelihood that you will enjoy the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed and continue to support the people or initiatives you care about the most.

Above all, you will look to us to maximize the performance of your investment portfolio, and we offer solutions backed by academic research designed to do just that.  We proudly offer the following services;

  • Comprehensive Portfolio Management
  • Access to institutional funds not available to individual investors.
  • Asset allocation optimization
  • Portfolio rebalancing and maintenance
  • Enhanced Tax Strategies
  • Charitable giving and Estate Plan Consulting
  • Consolidated Quarterly Performance Reporting
  • Sophisticated Retirement Income Simulations


It is our strong belief that families that adopt a disciplined investment strategy will attain substantially better long term investment results.  You will be much less likely to succumb to the emotions that derail the most well thought plans at the worst possible time.  Among our greatest roles is providing the conviction and confidence to whether storms that are an inevitable part of investing.

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Our Fees

All things being equal, lower fees mean better returns.

Maximizing the 'efficiency' with which an investor achieves comprehensive market diversification is fundamental to maximizing investment results. By accessing institutional class investment funds, designed specifically for this purpose, we are able to reduce your investment costs and improve bottom line performance.

Let's face it. Your total investment costs have a direct impact on your investment results. In our effort to maximize your' returns, we seek to deliver investment plans with the lowest possible investment costs.

Fees are typically billed as a percentage of total assets under management. We also offer 'reporting only' engagements for a flat fee per investment account.

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